Twenty years ago, you could see me swaying to arab songs at Tunisian weddings on hot summer nights. Little did I know these songs (and other western songs, reserved for the late night when all the boomers left the show) were all pirated and saved on 700mb CD Roms. While the music industry was dying, I was already dancing on its grave.

Since then, Deezer, Spotify, Anghami, and other music platforms decided to change the fate of the industry forever. …

Necrosis. When I was 8, I was just a “normal” kid, playing football every day at school, at my football club, and at home (even if I got scolded for the latter one). I spent weekends with my cousins playing with the Nintendo 64, from collecting stars on Mario 64 to shooting spies and ennemies on 007 Golden Eye.

But one day, I started feeling a small pain in my right hip. Every step on my right leg was painful, and walking became very difficult. That’s when I began limping and my parents decided to bring me to a doctor…

If you are an adult, there is a high chance you are missing school times. Not for the classes themselves (who would really miss those long hours of physics and foreign languages class), but for the simple process : wake up, go to school, attend class A, eat, attend class B, go home, play video games, eat, sleep, REPEAT .. Now you need to make your own agenda, everyday.

Endless to-do list

Few months ago (feels like years ago though), France went into lockdown for the second time. It was a dejavu and first thing that crossed my mind was “You gotta figure…

Have you ever thought about joining this startup and few years later it is a series E or IPO level company ?

Today I woke up and first thing I did is look at my LinkedIn (bad practice in the morning if you ever wanna have a good day). Anyway, one post drew my attention. Another startup I could have joined back in 2016 just raised a lot of money ($100Mio).

Now, I will spend the whole day thinking about my past choices, and how I rushed into the unknown world of startups !

My advice ? Take your time…

Crashing Through and The Man Who Dared to See, tells the story of Mike May, who lost vision at age three and recovered it partially after forty years of blindness.

How can we use Mike’s story to redefine our computer vision models and give vision perception to robots and autonomous cars ?

AI can’t see like humans…yet.

State of the Art computer vision models still struggle with unsupervised learning and limited training data.

For instance, one shot learning, which aims to build an embedding space that represents a certain type of data (human faces, animals, etc), has proven efficient for specific tasks. …

At the time of writing, DAZN, a live streaming platform, has acquired Serie A Football rights for the next three years. They will be sole owners and diffusers of seven out of ten games every weekend for the Italian League.

How much did it cost ? $840M/year.

How much will it cost to the football fans ? $9.99/month or $99.99/year .

It won’t be the last deal we see from a streaming platform acquiring sports rights.

But why is this model still missing the target ?

The Rise and Fall of Pay-TV

Business Model of Sports

Buy Sports Rights for $X, offer your broadcast service to user for $19.99/month, and…

Today, 9th September 2018 1.56 pm, Tesla share is worth 263.24$, after Elon Musk was caught smoking live on TV.

Assume I expect another Elon Musk scandal in the following days.

I foresee a stumble in the share price quoted above, so I offer you an option to buy, at any time, and this for one month, one share for 264$. In case I am wrong and the share price increases more than 264$, you will be able to buy and sell right away your share in the market and make money !

But, if Tesla stock keeps decreasing, you…

Majdi Rabia

Tech Entrepreneur who loves writing about Business and Tech in Sports, Music and Health

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